Tuesday, 10 January 2017

It's a Snowy day out there. Please stay safe.

HI everyone.  
It certainly feels like winter out there today.
Your job today it to pick a picture that is about snow.
Your job is to write a story in 3-4 paragraphs that relate to your picture.

Possible Ideas
animals in the snow
snow sports
snow clothing
things I do in the snow
hating the snow
nature places in the snow

My example (from Mrs. Knibbe)

    I love the snow.  When it snows, I have the best day ever. Rolling and playing in  the snow makes me so happy.  I love the feeling of the crunchy snow against my nose when I dig my face into the snow.  Summer just isn't as much fun.

     The one problem with the winter, is that there is less food available. So during the winter, we polar bears, have to hunt more. This means that we have to travel more distance than in the summer when looking for food.  We travel as we hunt for seals and Walrus. This guy won't be so happy when I catch up with him for a winter snack.

Success Criteria

So you have to include...
1. a picture
2. 3-4 paragrapsh
3. edit and revise your work
4. colour code your topic sentences, your detail sentences and your concluding sentence (each a different colour

Sunday, 18 December 2016

5 more day until the Holidays

There are 5 school days left until the holiday break starts. We have lots of fun activities planned to help us make it though.

Our school based leadership team has planned a spirit day every day this week. The schedule is as follows...

Monday - Holiday accessory day- wear  elf hats, Santa hats, scarfs etc.

Tuessday -  holiday sock day

Wednesday- holiday sweater day

Thursday- Pajama Day

Friday- red and green day.

Let's show our awesome Huskie Spirit 
and enjoy a little holiday cheer.

Friday, 16 December 2016

Saturday, 24 September 2016

Attention Parents!!!

Hello to all of the parents of the awesome students in my class this year.  I was hoping to get some help from all of you. I was wondering what sort of things you would like to see on my blog?  I know what sort of things I would like to include and I would love your thoughts too.

Welcome to the 2016 - 2017 School Year!

Hi everyone. 

I hope that you are 
as excited as I am for the fantastic 
year ahead of us. I am looking 
forward to some amazing learning
 experiences and tonnes of fun. 

What are you looking forward to this school year?

Monday, 25 January 2016

When we WONDER, we learn...

To get the most out of your learning, you need to take a risk. When we take risks with our learning and think about big ideas, we tend to get more out it. When we take a risk, we get the reward of learning.

We have been looking at Wonderopolis. We have been able to look at some great examples of the Wonders of the day.  These questions are great examples of the things that people wonder about.

Now it is your turn to write a blog post that includes all of the ideas below.

What do you wonder about?
1. Make a list of 3 topics that you wonder about?
2. Write a question about your favourite topic from the above brainstorm.
3. If you were to research this topic, what search words/ phrases would you use the get your research started. (You need to list at least 3 search words or phrases).
4. When you are ready to post, please ask your readers to suggest different search words and phrases that will help you to find out the answer to you Wonder Question.

Remember the Success Criteria for Blogging.

Let's get our ideas and thinking out 
for the world to read. 

We need to remember to capture and keep our audience’s attention.

Success Criteria:
1.  Create an engaging introduction to hook the reader.
2.  Organize your ideas and make them flow using varying sentence lengths and paragraphs.
(Paragraphs are a minimum of 3 sentences and our blogs will have 3 paragraphs minimum)
3.  I can support my ideas with details, examples, thoughts and feelings.
4.  Use effective word choice for my audience:
  • start with a strong introduction
  • ask a question
  • use strong descriptive words
  • write a quotation 
  • use strong verbs  e.g. said==> mumbled  or  went==> travelled
  • use adjectives   eg. the gooey, delicious brownies
  • use figurative language (or elements of style)  eg.  metaphor, simile, alliteration
5.  I can make my writing readable by checking reader fluency by reading my blog out loud before posting it.
6. Check for proper spelling and grammar and punctuation.
7.  Including a picture, quote, etc. to make it more visually interesting.